Friday, April 8, 2011

new van + daddy's helpers

One significant part of our recent lives that I have failed to mention here was our search for and acquisition of a new-to-us mini-van. My trusty little car (the one I've been driving since I was sixteen) died a sad death in early January, leaving us with only one car and the knowledge that finding a mini-van that would fit our growing family was no longer a back-burner project.

Now, searching for an affordable car in good condition with low mileage is not a piece of cake. Especially since we live in a small, remotish community in which the used car options are not plentiful. It's a long story, but here's the shortest version I can come up with:

We found what we thought would be the perfect van for us at a dealership only an hour away only to be disappointed by a pushy salesman and a refusal to sell us the vehicle we wanted at the advertised price. Instead, he tried to push a vehicle we didn't want down our throats (not literally, of course). We were very disappointed. Weeks later we were about to go back and agree to pay the unreasonable price since nothing else had come up. Much to our surprise, though, we found another van at a different dealership that we had somehow missed in our earlier search. They were eager to get it off the lot before the end of the month, and so we got a much better van for a much better price along with much better treatment from the salesman and company in general. The only con, really, was having to drive three hours to get it instead of one, something we were glad to do considering what we got.

I still marvel at God's wonderful provision for us. He answered so many prayers through the whole process and gave much wisdom. I'm deeply grateful.

I'll finish with a few photos I snapped of the boys helping Benjamin wash the new van. They were very zealous (though sometimes impulsive) little helpers and with some more experience will soon be pros at helping wash the car.

[Little Man loved using the hose to spray it off.]

[all three of my guys hard at work]

[Brother was happy to get in on drying it]

Now we're all ready to transport our growing family more than comfortably. Bring on the soccer-momming, I say. : )

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