Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last week I did some much needed organizing in my craft area. It felt so good to organize my fabric, get rid of pieces and scraps I will most likely never use, and put away the miscellaneous tools and left over bits of projects that had accumulated. Between cutting out bibs from my collection of old pants (I cut out 34 bib fronts from them!) and getting rid of the excess denim, removing and saving only the usable sections of wool from my collection of old suit coats, and getting rid of that big bag of fabric, my fabric now all fits in six medium boxes and on a small shelf!

I'm very pleased with my tidy work area and have already been putting it to good use. (Project photos to come!) Hopefully my zeal for cleaning, organizing and downsizing will not stop with my project area, though I suspect it will stall for a little while as I do some more enjoying of the cleanliness of this part of my house.

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