Wednesday, December 21, 2011

handmade Christmas 2011

When I saw a tutorial for pencil pouches emblished with little car appliques complete with button wheels, I knew I wanted to make a couple for my boys for Christmas. I upcycled a corduroy shirt and a blue plaid shirt and used some red plaid, zippers, and buttons from my stash to make these cute little bags.

Incidentally, in the process of making these, I discovered just how wonderful the zipper foot is!  I've been conquering sewing fears right and left this Christmas: first sewing with knits, then making a stuffed animal, and now using a zipper foot!  Hooray!

The blue and brown one is for Little Man.

And the red and brown one is for Brother.
(I accidentally put the "zoom lines" on at the front of the car
instead of the back.  Ooops.
We'll say that it's reversing quickly.) ; )

Since crayons melt horrifyingly if they're left in the hot car,
traditional colored pencils are messy to sharpen,
and markers are not something I'm willing to use
anywhere other than at the table,
I filled the pencil pouches with twistable colored pencils.
I'm eager to see how they work for us.

I think the boys will be pleased.


Debi said...

Very cute and such a good idea for the car!

Tammie said...

oh, they're lovely! the boys will be so happy with them!