Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy mail-birthday goodies

A while ago I stumbled across a fabulous idea on Pinterest: slipping colored pencils and coloring pages in a clear bottle and mailing it.  It was such a pretty and fun package!  Intrigued, I clicked through to the original post and found that the author frequently sends what she calls "happy mail," individual items or creatively packaged gifts that are 13 ounces or less, addressed, stamped, and mailed!  I read the whole category and immediately resolved to send some happy mail of my own.

This week I seized the moment and sent my niece what I called a birthday in a bottle.  I think she'll have fun getting it, but I'm pretty sure it won't even compare to the fun that I had putting it together.

I selected the following celebratory items: Sparkly, frilly pony tail holders (because we all know that you need to dress up for a party), colorful birthday stickers, lollipops (because though I can't send cake, birthday sweet treats are a must!), an extra-large pink balloon, and bright, curly confetti to fill in the gaps.

After stuffing all the goodies into the bottle, I made a pretty hand lettered label, stuck on my stamps, and put it in the mailbox.  I was a little nervous that mailing a bottle of stuff wouldn't really work, but the mailman picked it up when he came by!  Now I can't wait to hear that it has arrived...


Laura Railing said...

That is a beautiful, fun idea!

You can mail anything under 13 ounces ;-) Rubber duckies... fruit... you name it! My cousin mailed my grandparents a rubber ducky from hawaii with just a stamp and their address on it! pretty fun even though it sounds funny!

Sarah said...

I love it!! Will have a look at the links later... Wonder if they'd let us do that here in the UK?! Bet your little niece will be over the moon :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a cute and fun idea! You should share this 'in the studio'... maybe next week?! :)