Monday, April 2, 2012

monday menu

[mocha and magnificent caramel roll from a cute little shop in Billings]

With the warm weather we've been having, I'm thinking that my soup-and-hot-pasta-dominated-menu days are coming to an end.  I enjoy the warm weather, but I'm so much better at making comforting cold weather food that part of me dreads the hot days on the horizon.  (I guess it's a good thing I live in Montana and not Arizona, right?)  Here's my menu for this week (and I'm not abandoning my comfortable hot foods yet!):

T-hearty chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa (new recipe) and homemade bread
W-french toast and fruit
Th-garlic-ginger chicken, soba noodles with sweet ginger scallion sauce (another new recipe!), and roasted broccoli (based on this recipe)
F-brazilian style beans and rice

What are you making this week?


Emily Real said...

We are finally back to menu planning over in the community house. I got tired of it in January, so unfortunately it's been a scramble most of this semester. Feels good to have menu and most of the shopping done for the rest of the school year though. Today it's taco bake (we're still in comfort food mode a bit, too) and tomorrow is stuffed peppers (a bit more summery)... :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I like cold weather food better too! We are in the middle of Montana and Arizona! lol Your list sounds delicious! :)