Monday, October 13, 2008

Satisfaction in Work

When I was young, the privilege of helping with dishes or laundry hardly made my day. I would have much rather been climbing trees, reading books, or pursuing other activities. Fortunately for me, my mom persisted in teaching me to do those necessary tasks.

And now, I have a home of my own where I must do tasks that I don't care for. Like dishes (why can't it be like the chefs of TV where you can cook all your heart desires, yet your dirty dishes magically disappear?), laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. While I'm a "grown up" now and know how to do my house work, I'm still learning.

One thing I'm learning is to take satisfaction in my work. Yes, even in cleaning the bathroom. If I go around complaining to myself all day, focusing on the things I don't like about my job, I get to the end of the day feeling like I have gotten nothing done. I am cranky and am not always very nice to my husband and son. I'm learning, though. I'm learning to find satisfaction in the sweet-smelling stacks of clean laundry I just folded, in the shiny clean dishes I've just washed, in sparkling bathroom mirrors, and in a tidy living room floor.

If I find ways to actually enjoy each task, I am a much more content person, and I discover the joy and zest in living all over. In fact, the nice jobs and fun extras become exponentially nicer and funner! Now I need to consistently apply this strategy to my every day life...


Christina said...

Hi Christina, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm fairly new to this too, I've had my blog since the beginning of September. :)

My most hated chore is washing dishes. I always had a dishwasher...until now. But I put some Christian music on my ipod and try to keep my mind off of what I'm doing. :) I feel so great once it's all done!

Spaceofgrace said...

I have learned to love certain chores too (others, well.. i get them done :)). Thanks for the post! I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your willingness to get the unpleasant chores done. You rock.