Monday, December 22, 2008


Today I cleaned and tidied and worked on laundry. I'm glad. My home is much nicer to be in now. I also made this eclectic little Christmas table decoration with various things I had easy access to around my house. Its components are not all perfect matches, but it's fun, and I like it.

It has snowed a lot today. I am enjoying both the beauty and the less cold weather the cloud cover brings.

Oh, I am tired and am going to sign off for the evening.


Robert Sagor said...

Pretty! I just noticed your new picture on top! It's pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work cleaning! It is so inviting to be in a clean house!

Your Maker of Messes

Tammie said...


stitching under oaks said...

i really like the candy cane jar...though they wouldn't last long on our table here...too many elves nibbling on sweets! Merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

I hope you have a great holiday! I cleaned as well today. My mother actually has the long arm (I can only dream of having my own...) but having a relative with a long arm is just as good. She lets me come and use it whenever I please as long as she isn't working on it.