Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Friends and Family Pictures

Today I had the privilege of taking family/Christmas pictures for some of our very good friends here in Montana. This was my first attempt at taking formal photos of anyone other than my son, so I was simultaneously excited and a tad nervous.

After over 100 pictures (I was snapping them quickly since it can be a challenge to get good pictures of two babies), we called it a day. I came home, uploaded the photos, and found that I did get some good ones.

We have a unique and fun story that we have about us and these friends, and it's one that I don't get tired of telling. ; ) We found out that we were expecting our first babies about the same time. In fact, our due dates were only two weeks apart. Throughout our pregnancies we joked about being in the hospital at the same time.

Well, we did end up being in the hospital at the same time. We were, in fact, right next door and our boys were born two minutes apart! It has been so much fun seeing them grow and develop together and become friends. It has also been fun having another mom to compare notes with and discuss "baby stuff" with.

Their little girl arrived about a year after their son, and as you can see, she is one precious little princess. ; )


Tammie said...

excellent photos! i think the outside ones work so well because of the light/dark contrast--and the subjects are so great! ♥

Laura Railing said...

I definitely have a preference for the outdoors whenever I take pictures. The lighting just adds a professional touch to the picture. You did a really nice job!