Tuesday, July 20, 2010

eleven months

Brother is already eleven months old! I can hardly believe that my baby will be one next month. While I feel less of a need to post his monthly summary of accomplishments since I have started the weekly moments and milestones posts, I still want to write this month's summary down. Here are some things Brother is doing right now:

crawling around at racing speeds
getting into Little Man's toys, his own toys, and my cabinets
becoming more interested in books
trying to climb
diving fearlessly from furniture or peoples' arms
pulling up on anything he can crawl to
drumming with and on anything he possibly can
taking an occasional step all by himself
calling us "Ma-ma," "Da," and "Eeee" (his name for Little Man)
experimenting with saying more words
realizing that he can scream and get Little Man in trouble
but at the same time being more charming than ever in his times of sweetness
one of his charming ways is being a sweet cuddling boy
eating large amounts of an ever-broadening array of finger foods
taking only one nap some days
sleeping through the night more and more consistently
starting to need a hair cut
outgrowing his infant car seat
looking more like a little boy and less like a baby

As always, I'm trying to hang on to the precious fleeting moments, yet I would not change my strong and healthy, growing boy for the world!
[wearing Daddy's cap after his graduation]

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