Friday, July 23, 2010

moments and milestones

[I love his sweet grin.]

Little Man picked up a blue crayon, stuck it under his nose, inhaled deeply, and sighed: "It smells like blue."

Little Man, Brother, and their cousin got to go "swimming" in a kiddie pool, which was a first this summer for my boys at least.

"I like tasting this." -Little Man while enjoying his first Red Lobster meal ever.

At the end of our Red Lobster visit, we took Little Man to look at the lobsters in the tank. The nice hostess took one out and let him pet it. After she put the lobster back in the tank, it stayed near the glass, right at Little Man's eye level. He started seriously at it for a while and then explained, "The lobster is talking to me."

Brother has started calling, "Ma-ma!" more and more. He also frequently expresses his joy about seeing "EEEEeee" (Little Man) and "Da" (Daddy).

Brother has discovered that he can drop things on purpose and exclaim "uh-oh!" It has become quite a game to him.

Little Man is taking tower building to new heights. I'll have to post photos of his beautiful block creations one of these days.

I'm 99% sure that Brother has also started saying "ba" for ball.

Little Man has the oh, so sweet way of looking up at me and saying, "I like you!" It hardly ever fails to get him a good squeeze.

Brother tried eating with a spoon by himself for the first time this week. The first day he just used it as a drum stick, the second day he actually got a little bit of food in his mouth.

[taking a break after some hard running]

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