Tuesday, July 20, 2010

moments and milestones (a few days late)

[my mom reading to the boys]

Little Man made a new friend last weekend whose name was Zeke. Little Man spent the whole time he was playing with his new buddy calling him "Zig-zag," which all the grown-ups found oh, so amusing.

Little Man has actually started singing along with songs! All of a sudden he began singing in church, with recordings, and with us. Being the "music people" that we are, we are very happy. I love hearing his sweet voice sing along with mine.

Brother has tentatively switched from two naps to one. At almost 11 months, it seems a little early to me, but I suppose that sleeping so well at night counts for something, right?

Little Man succeeded in climbing up a park slide backwards for the first time, and Brother slid down a park slide for the first time. They were both pretty pleased.

Brother has figured out that he can stand up in his bed and pull things off the nearby dresser. Guess I need to find a better place to store Little Man's toys-with-tiny-pieces that Brother is too small to play with.

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