Thursday, March 31, 2011


some friendships bloom overnight
and others grow over a long, long time

both are special
yet there's something
extra nice
about the ones
with history

two chubby one-year-olds
play on the floor
look up startled as camera captures the moment

two growing three-year-olds
play in the yard
wear matching clothes
color together
argue about song lyrics during a nap
share a favorite color of red
celebrate birthdays
four days apart
with pink play-doh and popcorn ball favors

two newly-turned four-year-olds
chant rhythmic cadence in chorus
wrap up in blankets to play lovely brides
make glorious mud pies
and sample the dirt
(it tasted like chocolate)
help to plant bulbs
share trips to the store
learn to marvel at their differences

two eager eight-year-olds
meet once again
chatter as if no time had passed
string daisy chains
mournfully part
become consistent pen palls

two girlish eleven-year-olds
make a club house
hike to delightful picnics spots on nearby high hills
have frequent sleep-overs
enact elaborate make-believe tales
chatter and grow

two young teenagers
span the long miles
with pages of writing
year after year
rejoicing when meeting
mourning when parting
always picking up where they had left off

two eighteen-year-old young women
talk on the phone for hours and hours
marvel again
at the similarities in heart
the continuing growth
and God's work in their hearts
laugh as they share the new favorite colors
of sage green and brown
one of them marries the man of her dreams
and the other rejoices as her maid-of-honor

two twenty-three-year-old women
meet once again
revisit old memories
take plenty of pictures
one of them marries the man of her dreams
and the previously-wedded one rejoices
with flute-song joy at her friend's wedding

I feel thanks too deep to express
for God's gift to me of this friend
and for the strong
friendship we share

i am also grateful for all that Benjamin
and my parents gave
to make it possible for me to share
in the celebration of her wedding day
it was beautiful in every way


Sarah said...

This almost made me cry! So beautiful.

God is so gracious in allowing us to be relational creatures and giving us the blessings of life long friends. :)

Tammie said...

it DID make me cry. :') so poignant.

Laura Railing said...

Christina, that was beautiful. There is something about life long friendships that is just precious. Blessed be the ties that bind...! What a blessing and life long memory to be able to share in her special day!