Tuesday, April 5, 2011

eucharisteo calligraphy

Mum has been reading the book One Thousand Gifts to me (no, I haven't outgrown listening to her read, and I hope I never do). In it the author shares her story of finding true and lasting joy through giving thanks to God in every part of life--not only the sweet, lovely times but also the messy and even hideous ones.

The entire book has been a deep encouragement to me, impacting my point of view profoundly, sending me searching to perceive the world through lenses of Divine perception rather than the blur of human reasoning. I wanted to capture something of this awakening in my word art. Something to crystallize my thoughts, to remind my forgetful heart of what I learned. This is what I made:

As the book explained, the Greek word Eucharisteo means to give thanks. Its root word is grace, which is etymologically linked with the word joy. I used dark grey water colors to write the rough outline of the Greek word "eucharisteo" forming the background for the English words "Grace," "Thanks," and "Joy," which I made in three fonts with various pens and ink.

It is a strong visual reminder to me that giving thanks to the Great Giver through the grace He gives results in deep, inexplicable joy. It transforms places of messy, overwhelming chaos into havens of beauty and order.

Grace. Thanks. Joy. I am grateful for the taste I have already been given and strain eagerly ahead for more.


SarahZ said...

Beautifully expressed, and a wonderful artistic expression.

And as for reading to one another, even before we had children, my husband and I found reading aloud to be time well spent:)

Debi said...


stitching under oaks said...

I too am reading this book...(my second time through it) and it is impacting me as well. Your calligraphy is beautiful.

Cindy said...

I am awed at the beauty of your calligraphy - and how you pulled the words that explain what eucharisteo is from the book and placed them in front of the transliterated Greek...Beautiful, Beautiful!

Diana said...

Such a beautiful way to express your thoughts. Loving that!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Wow... what gorgeous work! It is beautiful! The word Eucharisteo had been on my heart to work into art as well. I am so glad you joined the 'studio sneak peek' on (in)courage this week. We gather every Friday on my blog for creative inspiration... love to have you join us! :)