Tuesday, April 19, 2011

golden yellow

Is it possible to crave a color? If it is, I'm definitely craving golden yellow. I think it has something to do with anticipating spring--golden sunshine, yellow flowers, and warmer air. It's just such a happy color.

Over the last three days or so, I've been enjoying doing all sorts of fun Etsy searches for things with "golden yellow" in them. It has been a nice (though not overly practical) way of spending quality time sitting with my heating pad trying to sooth a sore back. Here are few of the golden yellow things I found and loved.


stitching under oaks said...

love those bird and bead earrings...too cute! hope your back is better soon.

Erin said...

Though I wasn't actively craving yellow, I loved all this yellow!! Especially the dress :) Our kids room is the color of golden sunlight (it has one NW facing window so is usually darker), I love it! Thanks for the dose of warm!

Tammie said...

filled my heart with sunshine. <3