Friday, April 15, 2011


the inability to sleep
while feeling ready to drop from exhaustion
when every cell cries for rest
has to be among the most uncomfortable sensations
in human history

fragments on song
flashes of image
incomplete thought
swirl in my brain
whirlwind speed

the aches
and sharp pains
that make themselves known
are an even louder phenomenon

i toss and turn
in a rest
that is not rest

Lord, give me peace
help me to sleep
and be nice
even if i can't


Jen Price said...

I hate not being able to sleep! Praying for a perfect night's sleep tonight!

Journeying Five said...

Oh I am so sorry. Your words are so poignant and clear. It must be terrible.

Larissa said...

Your words are beautiful. So sorry that you cannot sleep. Sending you hopes for happy thoughts and deep breaths and the ability to fall into peaceful slumber.