Monday, April 18, 2011

waffle making

Little Man and I love making (and eating!) waffles. He's getting to be such a good kitchen helper that it actually saves me time when he works with me! Our favorite recipe is the Joy of Cooking's basic waffle recipe. Once our waffle batter is mixed up, I cook the waffles in my waffle maker--a vintage one that I inherited from my great-grandmother.

At first I was disappointed that I didn't have a new waffle maker. I'm sure this was partly due to the fact that it took me several tries to figure out how to make perfectly cooked, stick-free waffles. Multiple failures can be discouraging, you know.

However, once I leaned that 1/3 cup of batter (plus a little more for the edges) makes just the right size of waffle and that cooking it on the "dark" setting for 3 minutes toasts it a perfect, crispy brown I started loving my vintage maker. Now I'm not quite what I'll do when my trusty (though quirky) vintage waffle iron is no longer around to turn out those delicious golden stacks of waffles we all love.


Shelly said...

I LOVE waffles!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh how fun... and how yummy! Love the inherited waffle maker. I am sure it makes *great* waffles. Now I am hungry for some waffles... it has been a while since I have had any! :)

Debi said...

My vintage waffle maker, inherited from my mom, died tragically in the middle of Sunday waffle making. I bought a new "stick free" waffle maker and it works just fine. But there was something about making sure I had the right amount of oil on the pan and that the temperature was just right (the new one has a light that tells me when the heat is just right) that I miss!

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful vintage wafflemaker - 1920s-30s, fabric covered electric cord! - that finally died. I have purchased a new one, and the difference I have found is that the new ones don't get as hot. It takes longer to bake a waffle with modern stuff. Probably a safety issue. I continue to look for another vintage maker.