Monday, February 6, 2012

monday menu

[Benjamin made delicious onion rings for me the other day.]

Well, it looks like we're off to a full yet fairly normal week.  Here's what I'm planning on cooking:

M-sweet potato black bean chili (a new recipe)
T-roasted chicken, orzo with parmesan and basil, green beans (You really should try the orzo recipe.  It's one of our very favorites.)
W-tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Th-chicken pot pie
F-crock pot stew and bread

What are you mixing up this week?


Sarah said...

Made Thai pork salad (yum!) and also a lasagne, doubled up the bolognaise sauce for in the freezer! Getting there, trying to stock up the freezer with some easy meals. Have a nice week!

Laura Railing said...

Trying out a new recipe tonight- cornbread muffins with spoonfuls of bbq beef in the middle. It smells So good cooking! We'll see how it turns out. I normally make bbq beef but tonight I'm using Jack Daniels' brand. It is soo tasty.
Roast chicken pitas
Twice-baked potatoes
Creamy chicken tacquitos

Rori said...

Finally got around to trying your orzo recipe. Oh so good! It was a hit with all