Monday, February 13, 2012

monday menu

Valentinesy Breakfast
and heart apples

Happy Valentine's week to you!  We kicked off our celebration last week by making and sending valentines to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and continued our heart-ful celebration last Saturday with a festive breakfast.  In spite of all the celebration, I am planning a fairly simple dinner menu.  Here's what I'll be  making:

M-broccoli quinoa casserole (I'm going to try increasing the milk this time and leaving out the mayonaise. Bleh. I strongly dislike that stuff...)
T-pasta with creamy white sauce and roasted asparagus
W-french toast and fruit
Th-ginger lime stir-fry and rice
F-minestrone soup and bread

What's going to be on your plate this week?


Debi said...

Such a cute breakfast! If increasing the milk doesn't work try plain yogurt, it's a pretty good mayo substitute.

Laura Railing said...

I've kindof given up on meal planning while pregnant. It just doesn't work! Half of what I planned last week didn't end up sounding good at all :( So far, we've had steak & potatoes, crockpot hawaiian chicken (sauce was a little spicy. I like my pineapple juice & brown sugar sauce more!) and tonight was meatloaf and baked potatoes. Tomorrow there's a free planetarium science night we're going to so it'll probably be pizza, and Friday, we'll have to see! Sometimes we end up having a meal at my dad's Friday or Saturday. Cute Valentines Meal!! I was going to make heart-shaped pancakes but Andrew opted for the oatmeal with little dinosaurs in it .