Monday, March 26, 2012

monday menu

[bread dough and vintage pyrex]

It looks like the week ahead will be the perfect blend of laid back and busy.  I'm looking forward to trying some more new recipes this week as well as using some familiar standbys.

M-white chili over rice (I'll make a crock pot full of shredded chicken for use in this recipe and to put in the freezer for use over the next few weeks.)
T- chicken cacciatore
W-something easy (probably grilled cheese and tomato soup or french toast and scrambled eggs--Wednesday night is our worship team practice night.  Benjamin is the director, so he's there every week, and I'm there a lot of the time too playing my flute alongside him, so I need a quick, fuss free dinner.)
Th-a bean concoction (loosely based on this recipe) topped with corn bread (I just randomly had the idea; we'll see how it actually works. It looks a lot crazier written down than it sounded in my head.)
F-beef with broccoli over rice

What are your favorite fuss-free meals for busy nights?

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