Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bridal shower-the games and gifts

I can't rally take credit for the games since my mom and the bride-to-be's sister planned them, but since they were part of the bridal shower experience, I thought I'd tell about them anyway.

The first game was a bridal shower bingo game. There were the usual numbered squares as well as a numbered list of things about the bride, the groom, and the couple. For example, under Katie's name were things like "has a named car," "was born in [our town]," "is the youngest in her family." Under Jeff's name were things like "loves Mountain Dew" and "owns a business." Under Both were things like "has blue eyes," "loves to farm," "was born in the 80's," and "is a teacher." The goal was to find another guest who had one of those things in common with Katie, Jeff, or Both, and get them to sign the numbered square corresponding to the number of the item in the list. The first three people to finish won small prizes.

The second game was a simple word game: How many words can my make from the letters in "Katie Loves Jeff" in three minutes.

For the third game, 17 different herbs and spices were placed in unmarked, numbered jars. The jars were passed around, and the guests teamed up in groups of two to see how many they could correctly identify by smell, look, and even taste (watch out for the chili powder!) without the telltale labels. We actually had one team who correctly identified all 17!

After the games was present time! Jeff and Katie received many kind gifts, and they loved the calligraphy I made for them. Even though I wasn't surprised that they liked it, I still find myself glad and relieved.

(Isn't she cute!?!) Of course we had to make a rehearsal "bouquet" from the bows and all the gifts.

I had such a good time coordinating, planning, and making this bridal shower happen for sweet and special Katie. I enjoyed planning the decorations, making the food, interacting with the guests... It was so worth the achy feet and back at the end of the day.

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Tammie said...

beautiful party for a beautiful bride-to-be.