Saturday, May 7, 2011


Almost from the moment I joined Etsy, I knew it was only a matter of time until I found art prints that I just had to purchase (earrings are different since the ones I choose are usually quite a small investment). Last week the time came. I made the plunge and purchased three of Naokosstoop's charming art prints (wow, was it hard to choose just three!) to hang in Sweet Pea's nursery nook. There was simply no way I could resist...

I have loved Naokosstoop's images since the first time I saw them, because when I look at them I am transported back to the days when I was small, lost in a lovely and happy world of imagination, always in motion, and always accompanied by my faithful Bobbie Bunny, one of the few constants in a childhood full of change. It is as if I am looking at myself. Feeling like my childhood, a piece of me, is being expressed so poignantly and clearly by someone I have never met is a rather eerie experience. I guess it's all part of the beauty of communication through art.

As I deliberated about which prints I was going to choose, it became clear to me that I should theme Sweet Pea's nursery-nook around the art I loved so much. I have many ideas fermenting in my brain, but so far the only one I have acted on is purchasing three pieces of fabric for making pillows and curtain accents.

I still can't believe that I chose a paisley print, but somehow it just seemed to fit, and I just love how these three fabrics and the art work together. I have a few more projects that I need to finish before working on the nursery-nook. I'm eager to start, but until that time comes I'm quite content with looking at and enjoying the unassembled pretties.


Tammie said...

the prints are perfect for you. the colors in the fabrics will make an interesting and beautiful complement to them.

Diana said...

The prints look awesome together. I really like your paisley fabric. So pretty.