Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bridal shower-the yummy food

Not only did Blogger's problems last week delay my posting plans, they also actually caused me to lose a post and several sweet comments on other posts. Losing the post and not being able to keep on my little schedule was very discouraging, so I just didn't post for a few days, leaving me even more behind. Sigh. Not to worry, though, I'm eager to make up for lost time today. : )

I'll begin by writing about the yummy food my mom and I made for my friend's bridal shower almost two weeks ago. The food just might be the most important part aside from the gifts, and I was determined to make it good. I had fun trying to stick to the color scheme of blues, pinks, and greens that I was aiming for. In addition to the coffee, pink lemonade, and vegetable tray with dip all of which I did not photograph, we had:

a cheese ball and crackers
(recipe coming soonish)

Mexican wedding cake cookies
(they were humorously appropriate for a bridal shower
that happened to be on Cinco de Mayo)
I got the recipe from The Joy of Cooking.

(I tinted the white frosting green.)

Since three of the four recipes I made were new to me, I was relieved that everything turned out beautifully as well as deliciously! There was an abundance of goodies so that I'm pretty sure no one left unsatisfied. I'd definitely call the treat part of the party a success!

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SarahZ said...

Oh my goodness! What a treat to be a guest at your table, Miss Christina! Everything looks positively scrumptious!