Monday, May 23, 2011

monday menu

[pasteis and coxinhas, savory Brazilian treats]

Here's what I'm planning to cook for my family to enjoy this week:

Su-chicken cacciatore, salad (my in-laws are visiting us, so I'm planning Sunday this week)
M-roast with balsamic-caramelized onion reduction, potatoes, and carrots (No, I still haven't gotten to this one.)
T-clam chowder, salad, fresh rolls,
W-leftovers or chicken nuggets and tater tots
Th-grilled chicken, orzo with parmesan and basil, vegetable
F-macaroni and cheese

I am much better at planning warm, comforting winter meals than I am at planning cool, easy summer meals. With the arrival of spring, I'm realizing again that I need to come up with creative warm weather meals. What are your favorite things to make in the warmer months? Do you have a favorite summer recipe? Please share your ideas with me; I could really use the help!

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Laura Railing said...

Eating outside. Just having a simple picnic can make it seem summery.We LOVE bbq anything- baked beans, bbq pulled pork or chicken sliders/on a big bun or french roll with picnic food (coleslaw, potato salad, etc) Grilling. there is so much you can do and it takes the heat outside instead of inside. That's probably old news though lol. We just love to grill in the summer, what can I say? Corn on the cob, shish ke bobs, chicken, etc. You can do lots of cold salads with meat or without- chicken salad (I love adding grapes,cashews, celery, and sometimes onion) on a pita bread. Another yummy variation we did years ago for picnics was meatloaf slices cold in a pita with provologne. sounds odd I know but SO good. Actually, pitas are amazing summer fare. Grilled chicken with a citrusy (or w/e else sounds good) salad dressing in a pita is good too! You can add grilled chicken to pasta salad. Here's a quesadilla recipe you could do on the grill (check out the other summer recipes there too). I am a huge fan of regular tossed green salad too and love to add chicken (either grilled or breaded crispy) and do variations- southwest with corn, beans and a southwest dressing; oriental with sesame dressing, mandarin oranges, almonds, chicken, and chow mein noodles, or chef salad. Sometimes we'll just do snacky stuff for dinner- veggies and dip, crackers and cheese, lunchmeat rolled with cheese, pickles, etc. Martha Stewart has like 60 summer side dishes here. Some of them might be a little bit much for little ones but hey- you're great at varying to your own liking ;-)

ok. long comment lol. hope there are some ideas! I know what you mean! We have long cold weather here too even though it's not snowy as much as there, it is often rainy and we won't see spring/summer weather until June. It's easy to get in a warm dish rut.