Tuesday, May 24, 2011

custom calligraphy

Last week I received two custom orders. The first another custom I Corinthians 13 calligraphy. (I hope you aren't tired of seeing these yet...)

I was particularly pleased with how this one turned out; the ink laid down with particular crispness on this paper. You'd think that all parchment papers are created fairly equal, but the more I work with different papers, the more I realize that they really are all very different. Even different shades of paper in the same package interact with the ink differently. Depending on the day, I find this exhilarating and exciting or frustrating and annoying.

My customer was giving this as a wedding gift and requested that the couple's wedding date be added underneath their names. I love how each of these pieces takes on a character of its own! I hope that this couple will enjoy the character of their calligraphy and be encouraged by its message.

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