Thursday, March 8, 2012

seven months

Yesterday was Sweet Pea's seven month birthday.

Right now Sweet Pea...

lights up when she sees her brothers
(and often squeals and "talks" to them too)
is tickled when she gets her hands on some of their toys
loves sitting near them and watching them play
is flatteringly amused when they do something funny

loves to snuggle with me
hams it up when she sees me with the camera
sits in her booster seat near me when I'm working in the kitchen

really enjoys Daddy's music
launches herself at him when she wants him to hold her
is fascinated with trying to grab his face
gets a kick out of watching him practice his golf swing

loves to make eye contact
is enthusiastic when she sees her grandparents
studies strangers seriously
isn't usually very impressed by loud, effervescent grownups
but loves to meet other children, loud or quiet

sits up by herself
(just this morning she sat herself up from a reclining position)
can scoot several feet across the floor on her bottom
sits up very straight in the grocery cart when we're shopping
rolls both directions
scoots herself backwards while on her back

studies toys intently
especially likes ones that rattle or crinkle
can find and pick up tiny objects that I don't see on the floor
loves splashing in the tub
is still intrigued by her toes

has suddenly decided that being put in her bed is scream-worthy
sleeps unswaddled most of the time now
enjoys sampling an ever-broadening variety of solid foods
(the latest was peas which she liked)
doesn't really like avocado
can pick up cheerios but has yet to get one in her mouth

delights us all every day


schullerfamily said...

how is it possible that she's already 7 months? She is just precious!

Raise Them Up said...

She is growing so quickly!! I couldn't help smiling at all the things she can do, and remembering those milestones in each of my boys' lives.

What a sweetie!