Sunday, November 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am going to start doing Menus every two weeks (last week was my catch up week) since I get my grocery money every other week.

Menu for Monday, November 10-Monday, November 24

Monday: Salad, rolls (double batch, freeze the extra) and chicken noodle soup. The menu plan got off last week, so I'm making the soup with week. I'll make chicken broth from the roasted chicken bones, use some for the soup, and freeze the rest for future use.

Tuesday: Meat Loaf, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti squash

Wednesday: Shepherd's pie made with leftover mashed potatoes

Thursday: Beef and barley stew (made in the crock pot)

Friday: Sweet and sour chicken (use frozen chicken broth) with rice

Saturday: Leftovers or sandwiches

Sunday: Crock pot venison roast

Monday: Pasta, ground venison tomato sauce, and broccoli

Tuesday: Venison steaks, mashed potatoes, thawed rolls, veggie

Wednesday: Meat balls (double batch, freeze the extras once they are cooked), mashed potatoes (left over from Tuesday), tomato soup

Thursday: White bean minestrone soup (crock pot)

Friday: Chicken Risotto

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Mashed potatoes, the rest will be provided at our church's Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday: Pasta with cream sauce, some kind of grilled meat, and a veggie

More Menu Plan Monday

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Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I make recipe plans like that every week or helps so much to get a meal on the table when there is a plan. Your meals sound so yummy!