Friday, November 28, 2008

Projects in the making

Today we went shopping. Yep, we did. We probably wouldn't have if Butte were not a small metropolis where the Black Friday shopping is roughly equivalent if not less than the every day shopping in Salt Lake, where we lived previously. Not too scary. And since we went in the afternoon (my husband would rather sleep and spend a few extra dollars), it was even less scary.

I, of course, hit the Joann's sales! I'm so excited about my new finds that I can hardly keep from starting four new projects tonight. Since that wouldn't be wise, though, I won't. ; )

The browns on the left are going to make a tote bag for a good friend (the chocolate brown that you can hardly see is also going to make me a short-person-friendly baby sling!). Flannel was an incredible price at $1.49 per yard! Since I try to make baby quilts for all of our friends who are having babies, I decided to stock up and buy enough flannel to have on hand for a boy quilt and a girl quilt. I also purchased backing for one that is already sewn. I'm hoping to make my own variation of this clever idea, an expansion of the crayon roll idea, for Little Man with the fire engine print and red solid.

In addition to the fun stuff I pictured here, I got some new green (!) pins, some batting, some backing, and some other little things I needed to complete projects. We also were able to get some new shoes for my husband, socks for my son, and components of little gifty ideas we have up our sleeves. ; )

It was another good day. I am thankful that my husband likes shopping with me and that we were at peace with each other even in all the hullabaloo of shopping and making decisions. I'm also thankful that Little Man behaved very well even though he was tired and teething.

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