Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Man's vest

Little Man is going to be the ring bearer in some friends' wedding in June. Fortunately my friend has faith in my bargain hunting and sewing abilities and instead of having us invest in an expensive allowed me to make Little Man's vest and shop on my own for his black slacks and white shirt.

My mom found a pair of nice black slacks for $2, and I found a quality little dress shirt for $1 and dress shoes for $0.25! My friend (the bride) and I found the perfect dark sage green fabric in the bargain section of the fabric store months ago, and I finally made Little Man's vest last week.

I enjoy some aspects of sewing formal-wear: the attention to detail, the precise design, the beautiful sheen of the fabric. I must admit to breathing a sigh of relief when it was all done, though. All the lining puckers and slightly crooked front seam aside, I love how it turned out. And I have the completely biased conviction that Little Man will make the cutest little ring bearer ever when he wears it.


Tammie said...

oh, i love it. i look forward to seeing him in it. <3

Laura Railing said...

you're biased but you are right too-he will make the cutest ring bearer ever!!