Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Change

When I first started blogging, I didn't realize how many Godly, encouraging mom and/or wife bloggers there were out there. I enthusiastically started publicly following any that I came across that I even remotely identified with. ; ) Then, once I realized how many of us are around, I narrowed my following list to blogs I especially liked. Now it's time to make another change.

As the number of blogs I like has grown, I've decided to only follow anonymously. Even if you are my friends, it's a big thing to publicly say, "Yes, I endorse this person, I am their follower." I really like Blogger's following options, and I love being updated when you post new notes, recipes, thoughts, etc. It's just that in re-evaluating, I would rather do it anonymously.

So, if I have disappeared from your list of followers, don't worry. I'm still there. I'll still be reading and commenting. And I'll still enjoying your blogs.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to blog. To pray for others, to encourage others, to be encouraged, to have a network of friends who are in one way or another waking down the same path I am. I feel like God has a ministry for me to fill though blogging. I just want to be careful about my choices, and for now, at least, I think the best choice is to follow anonymously.


Tammie said...

God bless you, dear girl.

Robert Sagor said...

I too started out just publicly following nearly everyone, but as you said it needs to do some changing, for me the change came when I realized that whatever I put on there people will click on. That is how I find new blogs and how I found yours, I found someones blog that I enjoyed reading, and figured that the blogs that they follow and have on their sidebar would be ones I would like also. In a way it's almost like our testimony, you can have a friend who appears to be a strong Christian on the outside, but when you walk into their homes and you see the world in their home then it dissapoints you.

I have had so much fun blogging, it's hard not to spend too much time blogging!