Monday, November 10, 2008

A Cloudy, Cozy Day

I love cloudy days, especially when there is a gentle, warm drizzle. (For your information, warm rain here=somewhere in the 40's Fahrenheit). Perhaps if I lived somewhere were drizzly days were more common, I wouldn't like them as much, but as it is, I love the rare, cloudy and drizzly days we get here.

Today was just such a day, and it was oh, so wonderful. We started the morning by eating waffles (yum!). After breakfast, I did some household chores and made chicken broth. I also started Celtic fair quilt #2. I made excellent progress in the different "quilt sessions" I had time for throughout the day.

Here is a detail of the fabrics I'm using this time. I am calling this quilt my "Irish flag quilt" since it has the green, white, and orange stripes found in the Irish flag, though I have toned down the green and orange. I am really liking the way it is turning out. This is more my color of green...

I was so hoping to be able to take a walk in the rain, but by the time we got out, the rain had stopped. We enjoyed our walk over wet sidewalks in the moist air under a cloudy sky anyway. Thankfully there was not a strong wind blowing or it might not have been as much fun.

We walked downtown where we dropped off my husband's lunch (it is good to live within walking distance of his work). Then we stopped by a little clothing store across the street from his work where I found a cute blue sweater on clearance. I'm planning on wearing it for the big family photo session we will be having with my husband's family when we all get together in December.

Then we went to the Library where we checked out some new and interesting board books for Little Man, who loves to read as well as a couple of books for me.

After we got home, Little Man took a nap, and I drank a cup of tea and started one of my books. I am reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Anyone who knows me for very long will find out that I like literature but am especially a Jane Austen fan. It has been a number of years since I have read Mansfield Park, and I look forward to being able to read it again with a more mature perspective.

My husband had to work late tonight (he got home after 9:00). I missed him a lot and am enjoying having him home again. ; ) This week is going to have a lot of late nights since his company is in the process of moving from two buildings into one, and he has to be there to move and set up the computers. Sigh. There is a reason overtime pay is better than normal hours pay. I am foreseeing long evenings of quilting and blogging...


Tammie said...


Tammie said...

ha. the new pronounciable word verifications make me laugh sometimes.

try the one i just wrote:


Raise Them Up said...

Hey, I'm a super big fan of Jane Austen's too!

Quilting and blogging sound like the perfect way to pass the time! I love the quilt you are making. Be sure to post more pictures!