Sunday, November 30, 2008


Lord, I want to walk on water,
To dance through the adversity
You send me for my good.
Yes, to walk in faith on water.

Lord, I want to move mountains,
As I pray for what You will.
To have the grain of faith,
That makes my requests sincere.

Lord, I want to trust You
Like the birds, who have no worries
For their food.
To have faith to rest in Your care.


Tammie said...

not rough.

may the Lord grant your desire.

Blind Mom said...

Hi, How are you doing? I'm doing good. In about 30 days I will be off to the commmission for the blind for indeptent training.

Handyman Mark said...

Thank you for sharing and encouraging me with the truths of your poem.

Love, Dad