Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilt tops and gift tags

Here is the almost done quilt top #3. All I have left to do is sew a couple of borders around it and iron it. Oh, and back, bind, and tie or quilt it. But the quit top is almost done. I have made so many mistakes on this one, had to use creativity to piece fabric together to have enough of one color, and rip out quite a few wrong seams. Sigh. I worked really hard on it today and did not feel like I made as much progress as I had hoped.

In the afternoon, I went shopping to find (or try to find) backing for the three quilts. I got one piece of fabric for a very good price but in the limitedness of small town options, I couldn't find anything that coordinated with the other two for anything less than $8.25-$9.00 per yard. Eeeek. I can't spend that much and still get a profit! I am going to have to do the more time consuming kind of binding with them and just use plain white and muslin respectively for their backs. I did get a good deal on batting as well as found a nice Christmas present for my niece. ; )

This evening I felt like I needed a break from quilting, so I got out my calligraphy things and made up some cute gift tags, which I used when I wrapped all the Christmas presents but one (I still have to make it) for this year.

I really love wrapping presents. I like making the paper as smooth as possible and finding the perfect bow or ribbon from my large, recycled collection. But I seldom indulge myself since I also have a large collection of gift bags which are much faster. ; )

I am exhausted, so I am sensibly going to go to bed. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tammie,

Wow! I do not think I could ever have the patience to quilt. I admire those who do.

Your gift tags and presents are very lovely.

I did not realize you had a blog. You left several kind messages on my blog, and I have a Visitor Appreciation Award that I made for you at my blog.

Love, Ernestine :)

Christina said...

Hello, Ernestine! I am glad that you visited my blog. I think we both may be a little confused, though. ; ) Tammie is my mom, and I just made her a contributor to my blog. Her main blog is if you want to check it out. This gift tags are actually my work, but I will accept your kind words with thanks and pass on the kind words for my mom to her. ; )

I just looked at your blog, btw, and I like it. Maybe we'll get some new blog friends out of the confusion. ; )


Tammie said...

Ernestine, thank you so much. i'm sorry about the confusion. i think i messed something up on my profile. hopefully it is fixed now. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. How silly of me, I wrote my note on the wrong blog. I don't know how I mixed that up.

But it is still true; the quilting and gift tags are absolutely lovely.

Ernestine :)