Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quilt Top's Done!

Today I finished the quilt top I started earlier this week. I still need to back it and either tie or quilt it. I leaning toward tying it with buttons, which is a cute and more stylish alternative to traditional tying, in my opinion. Button tying is also faster than quilting it if you don't have a quilting machine. Maybe I'll do some more experimenting with the special quilting foot for my machine and see if I have better success than I did last time.

At this point in the quilting process, I tend to feel really down about it. The colors, the layout, how the entire finished product will look. I'm wondering if anyone will want to buy it, discouraged that it looks much more oriental than Irish, and feeling like I don't ever want to see lime green again (yes, it really is lime green even though this picture looks yellow again; I think the combination of my light and my camera's flash isn't flattering to it).

But, I've learned from previous quilting experiences, when I work on it next time, I will probably have forgotten my "blues" since my ailment is only having looked at it too much today. On the brighter side, I do like how the "pin wheels" turned out, I caught my little mistake in the pattern and corrected it before I was tying it, my corners matched up like never before, and my husband looked up from what he was doing on the computer and proclaimed it to be "cute!". So maybe my quilting world isn't as bleak as I might have thought... ; )

Here is another facet of the bright side. Little Man sat in my lap and watched and played with my pin cushion for a row and a half at once (the long rows). Then he helped again for another half row until he started raining pins down on the floor. ; ) I love doing things with him. Holding him in my lap while I sewed reminded me of when my mom used to hold me while she sewed. Watching the zig-zag stitch was my favorite. I wonder what Little Man will remember when he's a "grown-up"?
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Robert Sagor said...

I think it's pretty, for a quilt that is "not my colors" I am more of a pastels and royals person.

Thanks for your musings, it's such an encouragement to hear from other believers.

May I put your blog on a list of blogs I enjoy reading? I understand if you would rather not.. :)


Christina said...

Thank you for your encouragement. They are not really my colors either--I'm more of an autumn colors person--which is part of the reason why I am not having TOO hard of a time thinking about selling it. ; )

Of course you may list my blog on the ones you enjoy reading. I'm honored that you are like it that much and (I hope) are encouraged by it!

Kathy C. said...

Christina, that quilt is lovely, and the colors come through as lime and deep green on my screen. It doesn't look oriental to me. :)
I have trouble with machine quilting as well and have been working (forever it seems) on hand-quilting a throw for my Mom.
Love that the little guys is helping you out! :)

Tammie said...

i love the way it turned out. didn't you know that Irish is kind of oriental? like that section from Poem. . .


Tammie said...

and, btw, it looks lime green and black on my screen today.