Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snowy Day Spontenaity

This morning I went over to my mom's house where I helped her with one of her quilt projects. (Since she is visually impaired there are things that work a lot more efficiently if I help her with them; I like it--it makes me feel needed and useful. Plus we enjoy working together.) Then she watched Little Man while I went and voted.

After lunch we went to the store where we bought some groceries and got our free Starbucks coffee for voting. ; ) The very nice lady working there gave us a small hot chocolate for Little Man too! Boy, did he like that. Then my mom came over to my house. I was going to diligently work on the quilts I'm making for my brother-in-law to sell when he sells his Celtic knotwork art this spring at some Celtic fairs (check out his site, it's pretty nifty). But who wants to be predictable when you've just had a good cup of coffee and you are in your cozy living room contentedly watching a movie-set-perfect snow drifting by the windows? I mean, come on, it's a no brainer. ; )

So I decided to be spontaneous. A while back I found the cutest chocolate brown and vanilla ice cream retro flower print fabric at the thrift store. Feeling inspired to dress up our new-to-us couch, I decided to make couch pillows! I will post pictures tomorrow after I buy pillow forms for the cases I made today.

And I decided to make a Very Cute Tote Bag all my own. See, a while back Molly of a Foothill Home Companion posted about the funky-fun apple and orange polka-dot tote she had just made, and I've been mulling over making one of my own since I saw hers. Since I couldn't find the pattern she used, I combined the retro flower print and some leftover curtain fabric with my sewing skills and practical common sense and made up my own! See how cute final product turned out? ; ) Now I can hardly wait to use it.

Little Man is teething hard and is one moody fellow. One moment he will be happy, sweet, and giggly, the next he will be fussing, screaming and hitting. I can understand his grumpiness seeing that he has two molars that are part of the way through and two more that just broke the skin today as well as four other little teeth that I think are trying to come through. : (

Here is a cute picture of him in one of his happy moments. He was all ready to go out into the cold weather and was waiting for me to get my coat on. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of him playing with his trike all bundled up.

Today he started feeding himself with a spoon. He's already getting the concept though he is far from perfecting the art. It's so cute to watch him trying so hard and still getting food all over. I think he might be a lefty since he tried with both hands multiple times and the left hand was consistently less clumsy. I'm not really surprised since both of my grandfathers are left handed.

I think that's all for today, so good night!
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Robert Sagor said...

I like the tote! It's really cute!

Tammie said...

your tote turned out so cute!

Molly said...

love the bag! i made another this weekend too using more wintery colors. and hooray for independent spoon feeding!!! it's always so exciting to see your little guys figure things out for themselves.

Shaina said...

That tote bag is awesome! I need one of my own :) I wish I knew how to sew...my MIL can make just about everything (she made my current purse, the diaper bag, my daughter's curtains, bumper pads, quilt, my scarves, and even my Wedding Dress!) So I'm hoping that we can find some time for her to teach me how to sew...haha.

And your little man is SOOO cute!