Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Library Day and Summer Goals

Starting spontaneously last week, Wednesday is our library day. It had been a while since we had gone to the library, and I was pleased to observe a huge leap in Little Man's understanding of the whole concept. He was actually excited about picking out his own books, taking the to the counter to borrow, and taking them home to read. I found his enthusiasm contagious and signed him up for the library summer reading program.

The summer reading program leads conveniently into the summer goals part of this post. Since we are signed up for the library program, I thought that making a goal of reading out loud to Little Man for half an hour every day was a good idea. There are several reasons I especially like this idea: we get to spend time together, I get to actively expose him to literature (one of my very favorite subjects!), and he will be in the habit of sitting still and paying attention for a reasonable stretch of time when we start on home-school preschool this fall.

The other goal that I set at the same time was to work in the garden for half an hour every day. Once again I have several reasons: we will get fresh air and sunshine, the garden will get weeded, and my plants will have a better chance at survival.

So far we're doing much better at the reading goal than the garden goal. Part of it is because of all the beautiful rain we have been getting, and part of it, I confess, is just because I'm more of a book-girl than an outdoors-girl. I'm going to work on remedying the disproportionate goal-meeting, though! I really want a successful garden, a decent tan, and strong, out-door-loving boys.

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