Thursday, June 17, 2010

ten months

Brother had his ten month birthday this week. I just love watching him as he explores and develops! Here are some things he's doing right now:

crawling quickly
pulling up into a standing position on anything he can get his hands on
figuring out he can pull things off of wherever he has pulled up
opening and exploring cabinets
delighting us all with his contagious and generous laughter
still loving eye contact and liberally dolling out smiles
starting to get the concept of object permanence
yelling when something is taken away from him
still chewing away on almost everything
growing his seventh tooth
eating amazingly huge amounts of food
re-gaining the weight he lost with the flu
trying to keep up with Little Man
starting to get in on the Daddy-Little Man wrestling
drumming with anything on everything he can get his hands on
showing more of an interest in books
sleeping more at night and much less during the day
starting to need a hair cut
looking like a boy and not like a baby

I'm trying to enjoy every minute of my busy baby-boy's transition from babyhood into toddler-hood without longing to grasp at it. It's good to see him grow!

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