Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a time to plant...

Yesterday was one of our first truly nice days, and in the afternoon I finally planted my garden. I'm about three weeks behind schedule because of late frosts, travel, and sickness, but I'm hoping to get at least some produce from it before our early fall frosts.

It's a cute little garden--half the size that I have tried to cultivate the last couple of years. I think that's good, though, because smaller is easier to maintain.

We planted seven tomato plants.
And surrounded them with water walls.
We planted sugar peas. (One of our favorites!)
The peas were scattered before being poked into the dirt.
I have the feeling that I will be finding pea plants popping up
in unexpected places this year.
We planted four pepper seedlings and three potatoes (not pictured).
We also planted two each of broccoli and cabbage seedlings.
In addition to all this,
we have volunteer spinach and many self-seeded baby garlic plants.

After planting, discovering, and watering,
we came inside and cooled off with creamy and cool
strawberry-peach smoothies.
They were delicious.

This morning Little Man woke up and asked if he could eat his plants yet, and I explained that we need to wait a bit longer before they are ready to eat. I can certainly identify with his eagerness! I can hardly wait to eat juicy, fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes, bursting with flavor or to munch on crisp sugar peas while watering the garden or to make our own home-grown vegetable soup. But wait and water and watch we will, whether we think we can or not.

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