Wednesday, June 2, 2010

our trip: the hotel

On our trip, we stayed in a new, nicer hotel for our two nights in Colorado. I know that hotel staying isn't all that exciting to many people, but to us it's a pretty big deal. We rarely stay in hotels when we travel, preferring the more economical approach of staying with friends and family. And the rare times we do need to stay in hotels, we usually go the more budget approach, so this was a real treat.

We enjoyed the clean, new rooms and hot breakfasts, the comfy beds and feather pillows, the nice decor and artistic touches (like fan-folded tissues and towels). We also enjoyed the hot tub and pool; it was the first time either of the boys had gone swimming.

Little Man was very hesitant. I think he would have stayed outside of the pool just watching if I hadn't insisted that he try going in the pool with Grandpa just once. He did try it and wasn't very impressed. We finally convinced him to stand in the water on the top step into the pool, which he liked much better.

Brother, however, enjoyed being in the water quite a bit and happily went in with Grandpa a couple of times.

Since my parents wound up their week-long vacation by going to the same wedding we did, it seemed sensible to get adjoining hotel rooms. We were all happy to see each other again, and the boys enjoyed the new blocks they bought. It was so nice to have some extra space for the boys to play, not to mention the free and loving babysitting the boys got while Benjamin and I took care of our wedding music responsibilities and went on a couple of mini-dates. : )

Coming soon! Our trip: The Wedding

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Christy said...

Oh, it looks like you all had such a lovely time! We were on a bit of a trip recently too, and I guess our little one liked the hotel we stayed in, because now every day we says, "Go OhTel?" Thanks for sharing your trip with us.