Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monday Menu--early edition

This evening I'm working on my grocery list for going shopping tomorrow, and I thought I might as well post my week's menu while I was thinking about it. Here's what I'm planning on cooking this week:

M-I'm going to try a new recipe: Baked Potato Soup. It sounds like a perfect comfort food for finishing getting over this sinus infection.
T- Still working on the details.
W-Garlic-ginger chicken strips, oriental noodles with satay sauce, and broccoli
Th-Sloppy Joes with carrot and celery sticks
F-French dip sandwiches with Portobellos

Menu-ing tip: Make a list of recipes you'd like to try as you come across them. That way when you feel empty of creative ideas while menu planning, you have an easy go-to place for ideas. I have a list of bookmarked recipes on my computer as well as a hand-written list of recipes I come across in books.

What are you stirring up in your kitchen this week?


Anonymous said...

Wednesday and Friday both sound terrific. Don't forget we were considering going to Salt Lake on Friday night. =) Thanks for your diligent care for us.

Christina said...

Oh yeah! I forgot while menu planning. : )