Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mum's variation on the Elinor bag

Last week I made this bag for my mom. It is based on the pattern that I use for making my Elinor bags. She wanted a simpler version using some of the fabric left over from her living room curtains. I was happy to help her make it one day, and she helped me make quick progress by helping me with the boys.

The outside of the bag and the handles are made from the beautiful heavier fabric from the curtains. The print was so pretty that outside pockets would have been too cluttery so we left them off. We also decided to skip the ties for the sides. Another change was to make the handles longer since she's taller than I am. The simple muslin interior has custom pockets made just for the things she likes to carry around. An antique button and button loop finish it off.

This was a fun, quick project with lovely, elegant results. I like seeing Mum use and enjoy it.


larissa said...

oh my, your mom's curtains make the most beautiful bag! You did a great job constructing it and i love the proportion of the chunky handles. Your mom will enjoy this for many years.

Tammie said...

i love it. it is so perfect for everything i need it for--both functional and beautiful.