Saturday, April 24, 2010


Little Man has been enjoying rediscovering his art box. He sings as he paints, colors, cuts, and stickers while I cook and clean the kitchen. It brings back so many memories. I used to do the same thing when I was small and my mom was working in the kitchen. I feel like history is repeating itself in the best way.

This particular creation is a mixed media creation using glue, a calligraphy pen, and water colors. I'm quite proud of his experimentation and the cool effects he achieved.
I have been up to my own artsy stuff and will have several upcoming posts documenting some current calligraphy projects. (This photo is of my bottles of calligraphy ink.)
We have been enjoying warmish spring rainstorms this week. I love watching the clouds roll in and experiencing the power of the wind, lighting, and finally of the raindrops falling to the earth.

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Raise Them Up said...

His artwork is beautiful! What a great mom to encourage that kind of exploring! :)