Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Mommie, I made a mess."

Yesterday I was dragging around, still not feeling 100%, trying to get the dishes done when Brother woke up from his nap. Little Man lit up at the first "coo" coming from the bedroom and eagerly proposed "visiting" his brother. I acquiesced, thankful for a few more minutes in which to rinse and load dishes.

See, Little Man has this cute habit of pushing his stool over to Brother's bed, peering in, and visiting with him when he wakes up. They talk, giggle, play peek-a-boo, and sometimes toys even make it into the mix. It's great! The boys are busy and happy, I know where they are, and I can get stuff done.

Yesterday, however, as I was working away at the pile of dirty dishes, Little Man came into the kitchen after visiting Brother for a while and said with a mixture of concern and merriment: "I made a mess Mommie." I, not too concerned because the messes he usually makes are small and easy to deal with, asked, "With what did you make a mess?" He responded, "With the powder."

Uh oh.

Yes, indeed, there was baby powder all over. It was on the stool, in a large pile on the floor, generously sprinkled in Brother's bed, and worst of all, it was covering Brother.

In spite lightning speed thoughts racing through my brain about lung cancer (I was a little emotional yesterday), sinus irritation, clogged tear ducts, inhaled powder, extra laundry, and not to mention the clean up (sob!), I found a little, irrepressible giggle bubbling up. And I couldn't resist snapping just one photo of poor Brother's confused powdery little face.

Hehe...some days you just have to chose whether to laugh or cry.


Christina said...

p.s. I have to admit, though, that in spite of that one little giggle, I am much more amused as I write about it today than I was yesterday! : )

Tammie said...

:laughing loud and long:

Laura Railing said...

ohh Christina! The joys and trials of parenthood! At least it wasn't sharpie!! That's about all I do-laugh- after seeing it everywhere! Ohh man. At least it wasn't vaseline or something either! That picture of brother is hilarious. I would be confused too! I wonder what Ian was thinking?! I know logic and toddler's do not go together (adult logic at least) but it's amusing to hear their explanation.

A Mommy's World said...

Things always seem funnier when you are not in the midst of them. :) At least your older son told you about it! Props to him for not just running away until you found the mess. :) Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun at your house. :)

stitching under oaks said...

I'll bet your little one smell sweet all day long after his spa treatment by big brother. so funny! (and I made your coffee kuchen the other day! Fabulous! Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

I love it! It is great that you are able to stay home and not miss these times. They pass so quickly.